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    Since 2002 Tektino has been the innovative power in automotive maintenance industry. Our core competivity is to project our R&D and service abilities to where our market reaches, to provide the automotive maintenance industry with more profitable and more practical products and services.  In all the over 30 national provinces and 50 countries in Asia, Europe and America, where our market force has penetrated, you may also find the local existence of our training and after-sales services.


    Based on the most sophisticated automotive inspection and diagnostic technology, we integrate automation, communication and digital-electronic technologies, to have developed and manufactured Automotive Injector Tester & cleaner, Automotive Maintenance & Inspection Service Centre, A/C Recycler & Charger, Automotive diagnostic scanner, Digital Automotive Multi-system Oil Pressure Tester. Among the products, the Automotive Maintenance & Inspection Service Centre integrates Automotive wireless diagnosis, injector cleaning and testing and wireless inspection of Multi-system oil pressure, to be the global leading patented product that brings about revolutionary enhancing in the efficiency of automotive diagnosis, inspection and maintenance.


    We frequentely participate in the automotive technological exchange activities, and have built solid partnership with the following training institutes:

    China: Guangzhou Baiyu Technological Institute

    Latin America: Grupo Cedva

    USA: CISE Electronics

    This kind of cooperation helps satisfy the in-depth service requirements of our clients.


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