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    ZT020006 AIR-002 Evaporator Cleaner Tool
    • Model:ZT020006 AIR-002 Evaporator Cleaner Tool
    • We care the health of the passengers in the cab. Due to its low temperature, the...
    BZ150039 C400C500 Oil Checker&Samples
    • Model:BZ150039 C400C500 Oil Checker&Samples
    • Easy and quick inspection of the quality of mixture of refrigerant and compresso...
    ACDOC86 mini A/C Diagnostic Tool
    • Model:ACDOC86 mini A/C Diagnostic Tool
    • ACDOC86 mini focus on A/C diagnosis ,based on data of pressure of both high and ...
    ACDOC86+ Refrigerant Identifier & A/C Diagnostic Tool
    • Model:ACDOC86+ Refrigerant Identifier & A/C Diagnostic Tool
    • ACDOC86+ is further developed based on TEKTINO ACDOC86. It integrates A/C diagno...
    C-101 Fuel system on-vehicle Cleaner
    • Model:C-101 Fuel system on-vehicle Cleaner
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